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New Discovery CD 120 RD No 156417

Richard Dobing from Bath, Ontario discovered this previously unknown embossing. This CD 120 has RD No 156417 embossed on the front skirt and a number 9 on the back skirt. This is now the third known insulator with the RD Number on it, the other two are CD 133 RD No 154745 and the CD 126 RD No 149959. There is also a fourth RD Number for the yet to be found CD 134 RD 154744 ...

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  • My First Insulator CD 154 Hemingray-42

Letter from the Editor Spring 2019

Welcome to the 50th anniversary edition of All Insulators - Crown Jewels of the Wire Magazine! This issues also signifies the beginning of the next generation of the magazine. A lot has changed in the hobby and world since Crown Jewels of the Wire Magazine was first published in March of 1969. We will cover this later in this article.

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