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Insulators For Kids

By Michele Kotlarsky

The Insulators for Kids Program would like to thank everyone who has donated insulators to the program and to the kids who have gotten boxes. This is how it works:

Medium flat rate costs $16.10 Large flat rate costs $21.50

The choice is yours the contents are FREE. Donald Briel has graciously donated some 2011 Price Guides. I ship a guide with What Are Insulators phamplet, other information and of course as many insulators as I can safely pack into the box which ever size you choose. You just pay for shipping. We love printing photos of your child with their jewels, parents permission of course. Need not print last name or location either!

If you have updated photos of your kids with their insulator boxes we would be happy to print any progress in their collecting !

More details on the program and how to donate can be found here: of course if you have more questions you can always reach me at

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