Owner: Shaun Kotlarsky
About the Site: Home of my other site (Hemingray On-Line museum) showing items made by Hemingray Glass Co.

Owner: Christian Willis
About the Site: Site of friend and fellow Hemingray collector, Christian Willis. He has a awesome Hemingray insulator gallery on his site.

Owner: Elton Gish
About the Site: If you are at all in to porcelain insulators and the history this is a must visit site. Elton is well know for his Fred M. Locke Collection and for publishing many books on the subject.

Owner: Ian Macky
About the Site: Fantastic photos of US CDs, Loads of info on US glass there.

Owner: Unknown
About the Site: British Insulator site with photos and information on embossing. Nice photo section of some nice English insulators.

Owner: Zoltan Drinoczi
About the Site: European insulator collecting. Nice reference of both glass and porcelain insulators.

Owner: Bill Meier
About the Site: Site with lots of information on insulators and photos. Also home of "ICON" insulator email list.

Owner: National Insulator Association
About the Site: The Hobbies official organization, lots of good info on insulators there.

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