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Insulator Auction

December 9, 2019 - December 15, 2019

Insulator auction to benefit All Insulators - Crown Jewels of the Wire Magazine

The point of this auction it to help raise funds for production of All Insulators - Crown Jewels of the Wire Magazine, and development of future hobby related projects. Auction will be On-line only

To consign items go to the Auction consign page

Insulators, select Go-Withs such as vintage power signs, telephone signs, Hemingray glassware, etc all welcome!

For more information on the auction, see the Auction Information page

Crown Jewels of the Wire Magazine

The official magazine for insulator collectors since 1969

For 50 years Crown Jewels of the Wire has been the leading publication for glass and porcelain insulator hobby news, history, articles with columns devoted to worldwide insulators, show reports, in-depth research articles, meeting announcements, photos and other insulator information. There is something for everyone who enjoys insulators!

Starting with the March 2019 edition, Crown Jewels has become a full-sized, 8.5” x 11”,  full color magazine that will be published quarterly.

Insulator Show listings

The hobby's source for insulator show listings.

All Insulators Store

The store is where you can buy a subscription to All Insulators, Crown Jewels of the Wire Magazine, advertising for the magazine.

You can also purchase insulator merchandise form the cafe press store.

Insulator identification

All Insulators CD, U, M, ST, GS

This website is a place for photos of ALL insulators – not just glass from North America. This is a place where you will find photos and information on insulators from around the world!

I hope to get a photo of each known CD, U, M, ST and GS-numbered insulator from inside and outside the US. The site is continually growing. In fact, it is the only website with a complete gallery of all reported styles of US Battery rest insulators, largest curated photo gallery of Unipart and Multipart style insulators and home to two identification systems (ST and GS)

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