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Fundraiser Insulator Auction - February 3rd - 9th 2020


About Crown Jewels of the Wire:
For 50 years Crown Jewels of the Wire has been the leading publication for glass and porcelain insulator hobby news, history, articles with columns devoted to worldwide insulators, show reports, in-depth research articles, meeting announcements, photos and other insulator information. There is something for everyone who enjoys insulators!

Starting with the Spring 2019 edition, Crown Jewels has become a full-sized, 8.5” x 11”,  full color magazine that will be published quarterly.

About the auction:
The point of this auction it to help raise funds for production of All Insulators - Crown Jewels of the Wire Magazine, and development of future hobby related projects. Auction will be On-line only.

Items that can be consigned:
Insulators, select Go-Withs such as vintage power signs, telephone signs, Hemingray glassware, etc all welcome!

There are two different consignment options.

First is a percentage model like traditional auctions, but with a twist. You get to pick the consignment percentage! There is a minimum percentage of 15%. This is to let you decide how much money goes to All Insulators - Crown Jewels of the Wire Magazine. Minimum value of $100

Second option is traditional “donation” of insulators (or another way to look at it is an 100% consignment percentage.) Minimum value of $25.

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Auction Preview

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