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June 1, 2019 update

The Summer 2019 edition of All Insulators - Crown Jewels of the Wire Magazine is now available for viewing.
To view the electronic version, head on over to the members area ( of the All Insulators website.

NOTE: if you also subscribe to the print edition, it is scheduled to be mailed in the next week and should be delivered
7-14 days after its mailing.

Featured content:
Letter From the Editor
How to Write a Show Report
A Quick Trip to France and Switzerland
Worldwide Insulators
Numbering Chart Updates
Porcelain Insulator News
Vanishing Pole Lines
The Fred Locke Chronicles
Maple Leaf Lines
Brookfield Roman Helmet
Unity Pin Found
Left Coast Lines
A Call for Greater Efficiency
Identification, Reference, & Price Guide
Great Helmets Continued
Hunts and Finds - Two more CD 141.7 Twiggs found!
Insulators For Kids
Classified Ads
Hunts and Finds - Dark Cornflower Dominion found
Upcoming Shows