September 17, 2014 - 5 new U range photos. U System upgrades.

U-104-180: Added info about the removal of U-174 to the listing for U-173
U-228-274: Added U-241 and notes about removal of U-240A. Removed. Added U-234 U-257A and aded notes to U-257 about the merger of the 2 U numbers. Added U-258, 265A
U-436-535: Added U-503
U-537-700: Added a note about the removal of U-620B to the siting for U-620A
U-865-914: Added U-889

September 16, 2014 - 15 new U range photos added

U-228-274: Made a note about the U-238 range and changes related to U-238A and B, Added U-239B, U-241B, U-248A, U-265 Photo Upgrade for U-240, U-265B
U-277-337: Corrected Listing data for U-303 (Was listed as U-302), Corrected listing for U-296 (Was listed as U-292) U-281A merged with U-301
U-436-535: Added U-441B, U-441C, U-451, U-451A
U-776-805: Photo Upgrade for U-784A, Added U-784B, U-789
U-865-914: Added U-901
U-949-969: Added U-954B

September 13, 2014 - 10 U range photos added

U-2-43: Added U-9
U-228-274: Added U-231, U-238A, U-240
U-277-337: Added U-308, U-317A
U-436-535: Added U-482, U-484, U-497, U-517

September 10, 2014 - 6 new listings, 4 GS and 2U

GS-2000-2249: Added GS-2010, GS-2163, GS-2165
GS-300-3249: Added GS-3223

U-2-43: Added U-33
U-701-775: Added U-745

September 8, 2014 - 4 new GS Listings added

GS-2000-2249: Added GS-2000
GS-3500-3749: Added GS-3613
GS-3750-3999: Added GS-3954
GS-4000-4249: Added new listing to GS-4246

September 7, 2014 - 10 U range photos added

U-537-700: Added U-609
U-922-937: Photo upgrade for U-935C
U-938-946: Photo upgrade for U-939, U-939C, U-941B, U-945 Added U-946
U-949-969: Added U-949, U-954A Photo Upgrade U-954D

September 6, 2014 - 18 U Range photos added.

U-104-180: Added U-153
U-228-274: Added U-249
U-776-805: Added U-798
U-807-844: Added U-816C
U-865-914: Added U-908A
U-922-937: Added U-922, U-922A, U-923E (Photo Upgrade), U-924 (Photo Upgrade), U-926, U-926B, U-928A (Photo Upgrade), U-929 (Photo Upgrade), U-930, U-931A, U-931B, U-933A (Photo Upgrade), U-935B (Photo Upgrade)

September 5, 2014 - 19 U Range photos added

U-104-180: Added U-120, U-180B
U-277-337: Added U-280B
U-410-435: Added U-412A
U-537-700: Photo Upgrade for U-546, Re worked U-565 and U-565A to reflect changes to these two numbers, U-599, U-599B, U-606A (Photo Upgrade), U-608, U-612 (Photo Upgrade), U-614 (Photo Upgrade)
U-701-775: Added U-709, U-709A, U-710, U-710A, U-713, U-746 (Photo Upgrade), U-747A

September 4, 2014 - 10 new U range photos added

U-2-43: Added notes to the changes on the U-42 listing and the U-42A Listing.
U-191-225: Added notes on the U-207 and deletion of U-207A-D, Added notes about changes to the U-208-210 Range to the listing for U-209
U-277-337: Added U-304
U-537-700: Added U-597, U-639 (Photo Upgrade), U-642A, U-648 (Lima version), U-675A, U-675B, U-680C
U-701-775: Added U-702

September 3, 2014 - 11 U range photos added

U-104-180: Added U-171
U-181-190: Photo upgrade for U-187
U-191-225: Added details to the U-201 Listing about the deletion of U-201A, Photo Upgrade for U-206
U-277-337: Added U-282B, U-335
U-377-395: Added U-386
U-436-535: Added U-463, U-471, U-532
U-537-700: Added U-564A

September 2, 2014 - 9 new U photos added

U-277-337: Photo upgrade for U-288A, Added U-302, U-331A
U-339-339C: Added U-339C
U-436-535: Added U-437C, U-465A (Photo Upgrade)
U-537-700: Added U-546, U-615
U-701-775: Added U-761

September 1, 2014 - 24 new U photos added

U-46-76: Added U-62
U-104-180: Photo Upgrade for U-167
U-228-274: Added U-274C
U-938-946: Added U-938, U-939D, U-941C
U-949-969: Added U-954, U-955 (Photo Upgrade), U-957A, U-961, U-964B (Photo Upgrade), U-965 (Photo Upgrade)
U-970-994: Added U-972A, U-975A, U-988A Photo Upgrades: U-978, U-979, U-980, U-981, U-982, U-983, U-985A, U-989, U-990

August 31, 2014 - 12 new U range photos added

U-922-937: Added photo of U-926C, U-931A
U-983-946: Photo upgrade for U-941E
U-949-969: U-954C (Photo Upgrade), Added U-954D, U-956 (Photo Upgrade), U-958 (Photo Upgrade), U-964 (Photo Upgrade), U-965, U-967 (Photo Upgrade), U-967A, U-968 (Photo Upgrade)

August 30, 2014 - 17 U range photos added

U-2-43: Photo Upgrade for U-14
U-191-225: Photo upgrade for U-202A Updated listing for U-225A/B
U-410-435: Photo Upgrade for U-431
U-537-700: Added U-608B, U-695
U-701-775: Added U-722A
U-865-914: Added U-909A Moved U-910 to its new U number of U-907A
U-922-937: Photo Upgrade for U-923, U-923D, U-925, U-926A, U-927A, U-928, U-933, U-935A, U-936

August 29, 2014 - 17 new U Range Photos added.

ST-4500-4749: Photo Upgrade for ST-4710

U-191-225: Photo Upgrade for U-212
U-277-337: Added U-313
U-340-376: Added U-358
U-537-700: Added U-699
U-865-914: Added U-883A, U-887, U-890, U-893A (Photo Upgrade), U-902, U-904, U-905, U-906, U-907, U-907A, U-908 (Photo Upgrade), U-909 (Photo Upgrade)