December 29, 2014 - 4 U range photos added.

U-228-274: Added U-274C
U-537-700: Added U-642 variation
U-701-775: Added U-713A
U-776-805: Added U-787

December 26, 2014 - 9 U Range photos added.

U-537-700: Added U-583, U-584, U-584A, U-585A, U-585B, U-588, U-591, U-595, U-596

December 22, 2014 - 10 U Range photos added.

U-701-775: Photo upgrade for U-701, U-705 Added: U-704A, U-705A, U-706 and 706 Variation, U-707, U-707B, U-708, U-711, U-711A

December 21, 2014 - 17 U range photos added.

U-104-180: Photo upgrade for U-151
U-277-337: Photo upgrade for U-298
U-410-435: Photo upgrade for U-421
U-436-535: Photo Upgrade for U-481, U-487 Corrected listing for U-441D, Added U-500 and notes about the removal of U-500A
U-537-700: Added U-545, U-553, U-556, U-568, U-572, U-579, U-617 and notes about the removal of U-618 and U-641A, Photo upgrade for: U-544, U-558, U-570A
U-701-775: Added U-734

December 15, 2014 - 19 photos added to the U Range.

U-340-376: Photo Upgrade for U-357 Added U-363, U-370
U-377-395: Added U-380A
U-401-408: Photo Upgrade for U-402
U-410-435: Added U-425, U-425B
U-436-535: Added variation to U-441C, U-473A Added U-481, U-502, U-514, U-541, U-542 Photo Upgrade for: U-521
U-537-700: Corrected listing for U-627A, Added U-673 and notes about the removal of U-674
U-938-946: Corrected listing for U-939A
U-Unlisted: Added old U-25 to the Unlisted range with a note about the move.

December 2, 2014 - 9 Photos added 7 U and 2 GS.

U-104-180: Photo upgrade for U-121
U-191-225: Photo upgrade for U-217
U-277-337: Added U-294, U-323 Photo Upgrade for U-295C
U-537-700: Added notes to U-546 about the removal of U-548, Added notes to U-581 about the removal of U-606A Corrected listing for U-600, Added U-603
U-938-946: Added U-941 and notes about the removal if U-941D, Corrected listing for U-941A, Added notes to listing for U-941D about the removal of U-941E

GS-5750-5999: Added GS-5985, GS-5990

November 28, 2014 - 5 photos added. 1 U and 4 M.

U-865-914: Added U-908A

M-2200-M-2299: Added M-2220A
M-2300-2399: Added M-2315
M-2900-M-2999: Added M-2923A
M-3000-M-3099: Photo upgrade for M-3070

November 27, 2014 - 12 photos added. 1U, 10 CD, 1M.

U-949-969: Added U-965A

CD 100-144: Photo upgrade CD 126.3, CD 141.7 Added: CD 131.6, CD 134 (Variation)
CD 145-184: Photo upgrade for CD 146.4, CD 170.1
CD 250-279: Photo upgrade for CD 266
CD 290-309: Photo upgraded CD 299.7
CD 500-599: Added CD 592
CD 701-718: Photo upgrade for CD 718

M-4300-4399: Added M-4383

November 24, 2014 - 20 U range photos added.

U-436-535: Added U-501, U-529 Made notes to U-526 about the removal of U-526A
U-537-700: Added U-558, U-615A, U-616, U-629D, Made notes on changes to the U-671 range. Photo Upgrade: U-559
U-970-994: Added U-972, U-973, U-974, U-976, U-977, U-984 Photo Upgrade: U-985, U-986, U-987, U-988
U-1907-1996: Added U-1960

November 18, 2014 - 16 photos added to the U Range.

U-436-535: Added U-472 trim variation and note about removal of U-471 Added: U-438A, U-441A, U-462
U-537-700: Added U-670B Changed photo for U-671
U-776-805: Added U-776 and notes about changes to the range. U-777 and notes about changes to the range, U-779 and notes about changes to the range
U-938-946: Added U-942, U-942A, U-941D, U-940C, U-939D (Variation), U-939E
U-949-696: Added U-950

November 16, 2014 - 7 new U range photos added.

U-277-337: Added notes to U-308A
U-410-535: Added U-419, U-470
U-537-700: Added notes to U-680A, U-680B, Added U-681, U-682, U-683A, U-684 Photo upgrade for U-683

November 13, 2014 11 U range photos added and 1 GS.

U-2-43: Added Notes to U-32 about the removal of U-32A
U-104-180: Photo Upgrade for U-121 Added U-128, U-159 Added Variation to U-180A
U-436-535: Restored U-506 and U-511 Added a trim variation to U-441A, Changed photo for U-466, U-447, Added U-480
U-537-700: Added U-671 and added notes to U-670 about some changes to the range.

GS-3000-3249: Added GS-3247

November 9, 2014 - 1 GS Range and 19 U Range photos added.

GS-4250-4499: Added a Yellow CP GS-4265

U-401-408: Photo upgrade for U-407
U-436-535: Photo upgrade for U-436, U-437B, U-473A, U-513, U-525 Added U-489, U-490, U-493, U-493A, U-494, U-497A, U-510 and notes about remove of U-506 and U-511, U-526, U-529A, U-529B, U-529C, U-532A, U-532B

November 8, 2014 - 23 U range photos added!

U-2-43: Photo upgrade for U-2A, U-14B
U-47-76: Photo upgrade for U-49
U-81-100: Photo upgrade for U-94, U-98B
U-104-180: Photo upgrade for U-133A, U-158, U-160
U-191-225: Added U-213A, Photo upgrade for U-215. Moved U-400C to U-214, Added U-217 and notes about the removal of U-217A and U-217B, Added back U-224A/B, Photo upgrade for U-225A/B
U-228-274: Photo upgrade for U-248A Added Trim Variation to U-265A
U-277-337: Added U-331, U-332, U-337 with note about the removal of U-337A, Photo upgrade for U-331A
U-340-376: Added U-344C and notes about changes to the 344 range
U-410-435: Photo Upgrade for U-414, U-416
U-410-435: Photo upgrade for U-432

October 29, 2014 - 17 new U range photos added.

U-228-274: Photo upgrade for U-228A
U-277-337: Photo upgrade for U-317
U-340-376: Photo upgrade for U-343, U-351
U-410-435: Added U-433B Also added Units from the 958 Range to there newly assigned 433 Numbers See Notes on the 433 rage for details.
U-436-535: Added U-442, U-447A, U-450, U-466, U-473A , U-485, U-486 Added Variation for U-474
U-807-844: Added U-807, U-814, U-816A, Photo upgrade for U-816B