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Welcome to All Insulators.

What is All Insulators?
This website is a place for photos of ALL insulators – not just glass from North America. This is a place where you will find photos and information on insulators from around the world! Whatever you collect – glass or porcelain, domestic or import -- this website is for you.

My Goal.
I hope to get a photo of each known CD, U, M, ST and GS-numbered insulator from inside and outside the US. The site will grow over time. I am looking to first focus on Insulators from outside North America. Sadly, foreign insulators are under appreciated and not well documented. I hope to correct both of these situations with this website!

If you have an insulator not posted on my site or you own a more "extreme" color example than the one posted, please take a photo of your piece sitting on a white background (while making sure to keep the camera level with your insulator). Send the high-resolution file to me with any information you have on the insulator i.e. CD, color, markings, where it was found etc. I will post the photo and give you credit. See the "Contact Page” for more info.

About the Layout.
Insulators are organized by their CD, U, M ,ST or GS number. Each entry includes information of known manufacturer or marking and the country the insulator is from.
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